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Writing Motivators

What are your writing motivators? When I started writing I was motivated to write to escape school. It was a way to be someone else for a while and I got to explore my feelings in a constructive way. As […]

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If Writing Wasn’t An Option

If writing wasn’t an option, what would you be doing? Well, first, that idea is hell to even consider… but if we are speaking hypothetical here, I would be an artist. I am a creative person and have found other […]

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Creating Playlists for Your Writing

What does Tibetan throat singing, EDM, and Scottish music have in common? Absolutely nothing… unless you consider that they are all music. Normally, when someone listens to a playlist there is a kind of flow or cohesion between the tracks. […]

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We All Have A Story

When I’m asked how I could write a book I’m usually confused by the question. For me writing a book was a natural progression from just playing around with the thoughts in my head, but I understand that not all […]

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