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Naked Beauty and Images of Confidence

If you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin, or for whatever reason, you start to believe you are not beautiful, I suggest taking a life drawing class, or seeing a life drawing exhibit. Life drawing is a form of […]

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Amazing What You Learn…

  “How do you know that?” David sounded surprised that Conri had been able to answer their question. “I’m a Seeker – we know everything.” His voice was the void of emotion as was his face as he steered his […]

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When Art & Fiction Meet

As some of you know, I volunteer at a local art gallery sometimes. In this gallery there is always something new going on. We do local theatre, art classes, Cocktail & Canvas events, and the list goes on. Recently, (as […]

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Ask An Author: Writing Under A Pseudonym – Yes, or No?

When it came to building my author brand I did consider writing under a pseudonym. At the time I thought all writer’s wrote under pseudonyms, and since I wanted to be a writer I believed it was important to think of […]

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Her Fuel

This was a thought that popped into my head while working on my current project. I love the character dynamic that is happening between the main character and her supporting characters. Hopefully my ideas can translate into a enjoyable read […]

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Project Juggling

Howdy ya’ll! So, I never wrote an introduction blog post telling you a little about myself. Honestly… if you want to know anything about me there’s a page for that. I want my blog to focus on my writing projects, advice, […]

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How Not to Teach Outlining

Today I’m going to share an experience I had in grade three that affected my writing life. The way this teacher approached outlining a story isn’t how someone who wants to instill the love of learning should have taught outlining […]

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Creating Playlists for Your Writing

What does Tibetan throat singing, EDM, and Scottish music have in common? Absolutely nothing… unless you consider that they are all music. Normally, when someone listens to a playlist there is a kind of flow or cohesion between the tracks. […]

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We All Have A Story

When I’m asked how I could write a book I’m usually confused by the question. For me writing a book was a natural progression from just playing around with the thoughts in my head, but I understand that not all […]

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