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Energized Writing & Burnout

You can probably guess from the title I am not going to be one or the other. Most people will be more of one than the other. In my current writing state I’m blessed to be energized by my writing, although that hasn’t always been the case. It has taken a lot of work and a long time to find the balance to allow my creative side to work with my everyday life without causing issues.

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Author Pseudonym – Yes, or No?

When it came to building my author brand I did consider writing under a pseudonym. At the time I thought all writer’s wrote under pseudonyms, and since I wanted to be a writer I believed it was important to think of a pseudonym. After doing a little more research and struggling with thinking up a cool name to write by I decided

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Finding Writing-Life Balance

Like any healthy relationship there is going to be a give and a take but sometimes it is hard to see that one partner in that relationship is always taking and you are always giving. When I was working on […]

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