Howdy ya’ll!

So, I never wrote an introduction blog post telling you a little about myself. Honestly… if you want to know anything about me there’s a page for that. I want my blog to focus on my writing projects, advice, writing prompts, and reviews. So far… I have been sticking with this idea… we shall see how long that lasts. XD

Today I wanted to focus on the projects I’m juggling. 

Some of you may know that over the last three years I’ve been working on a YA series based in the Fantasy world of Gaitan. This project is my passion project and baby. I’ve been working, building, crying, and laughing with this adventure since I began the long process of becoming an indie author. For thirteen years I’ve been trying to get this story out, and so far I have been able to produce two books in this six book (maybe more) series. My goal was to produce one book per year, but sadly life gets in the way and plans have to change to compensate. After my first two books I suffered from creative burnout and between working full-time (40+ a week) at my job then to come home and do another 8+ hours writing/promoting my series… it was no surprise I needed a break. It was during this time that I realized that I need to make some changes.

I wanted to make this book series a thing but I had to pay attention to my life/health to make certain I was there to see this project to the end. So, I took a year to recover and this year I’ve been balancing life a little better. I’m eating better, going to the gym, and taking breaks when I need them. I am not a full-time author… one day I hope to fulfill that dream of mine but my books aren’t moving as quickly as all new authors believe their book will go. You learn a lot when you complete your first book, and I’m happy that I understood that it would take me writing a lot of books to get to my goal.

This brings us back to the passion project and my other projects. 

Prophecy Six Series is my passion project. This is what I would call my learning series and the series that I need to get off my chest. The story might not be the best, the format may be crap, and the marketing may be weak but this is my first series… my learning series. No one is going to be perfect and what I’ve learned from writing/ building this series has helped my approach with my other projects. As an indie author I can’t afford to be a one trick pony, writing only one series that I hope will be the next Harry Potter. That kind of thinking may drive me, yes, but it isn’t realistic. With the Prophecy Six Series I get the practice I need to become better for my future/ current projects.

Speaking of current projects, I have been working on another book. This is a New Adult Fantasy based in a Western/Civil War setting. 

First, I know all you writers out there that follow my blog are groaning from hearing the words ‘New Adult’. Over the last couple of years that genre has gone the way of erotica and it is unfortunate, but I can’t/ will not put my book under YA due to some of the graphic themes in it. There is death, there is war, their is romance. Although there are these themes in YA fiction there is also the fact that my characters are a bunch of twenty-somethings that also have something to do with it. The problems they face are problems that those of an older audience are more likely to relate to versus those of a younger audience. So, yes, I’m writing a NEW ADULT FANTASY BOOK and those looking for dirty bits are going to be disappointed. 🙂

Second, I wanted to challenge myself with a new fantasy setting. When I was younger I was fascinated by the frontier and the wild west. My shelves were covered with pioneer books and my movie collections had a lot of westerns. I loved how during this time you had the proper society of Britain trying to establish themselves on this new land, and then you have the struggles of the people trying to survive in that new land. This was a dark time in human history… we were fighting nature and fighting ourselves. It was this conflict between nature and people that drew me to start outlining a new story and eventually a setting. What if the frontier had magic? What if the world was eating itself because of human action? What if there were those that wanted the fall of man, while others were struggling to keep the world from slipping into the despair that was devouring it?

That’s how my newest book came to life.

Since I’m not one to share about stories in development I’ll just say it follows a young woman in a village close to lands devoured by what they call “the blight”. Her village at the moment is safe, but this safe village gets found out by those outside the village wanting to understand how the blight works and why it isn’t effecting this woman’s village. The reader watches how a peaceful village is changed by military presence and this mistrust between those considered ‘outsiders’ and ‘others’. Not only is there the people vs people element, but there is also people vs environment. While the people of the village is focused on those outsiders poking around their village the blight is growing, threatening to swallow the very village that has stayed safe despite all those outside being swallowed up.

Of course… this is an idea still in development. I’m only 22K into the story and since I’m a pantser the only way I know how the story will end is by writing it. The above it what I want to happen, but my characters end up taking on a personality all their own and go wherever they want to go.

Now, all I need to do is juggle these two projects. 

At the moment my focus has been on this new book. I have been feeling the need to get this story out and since I’ve only been working about a week on this project with 22K down I think I’ll continue until I need a break. Book Three of Prophecy Six is outlined, so it won’t take me long to get the ideas down when I get back to it. With part one almost done on that project I need it to sit for a little bit anyways before I review it. That makes having this second project around to work on a great help in keeping me from reviewing P6 book 3 too soon.

That’s what I’m think at least.

Until next time remember: be safe, get creative, and as always, toodles! o^.^o