Bathroom: usually a room that consists of a toilet, sink, and/or shower/bathtub.

These are commonly found in one’s residence and in public spaces for those requiring to use the ‘facilities’. When it comes to writing though, sometimes bathroom won’t work. Depending on the location, era, or personality of a character the ‘throne’ could be called by different names. So, here is a fun list to help when choosing which word is right when writing about ‘the loo’.

Washroom – polite term

“I’m going to the washroom.”

The Facilities – usually used to imply bathroom without saying bathroom

“Can I use the facilities?”


“Where is the toilet?”

Ladies room/ Men’s room – used in public spaces

“The ladies/men’s room is that way.”

Restroom – a more polite term

“Where is your restroom?”

Lavatory – public setting like a school or boarding school (more polish sounding)

“The school’s lavatory is down the hall.”

Powder Room – 1920-1975

“I’m going to the powder room.”

Comfort Station

“I’m heading to the comfort station.”

The Golden Throne / Throne – 1975-Present

“Gotta use the golden throne, brb.”

Water Closet – 1800

“Water closet’s in the back.”

Privy – 1900 and earlier

“If one requires the privy it is down the hall and to the right.”

The Bog – British slang

“The bog has great acoustics.”

Latrine – Military

“Hit the latrine, boys!”

The Head – Country/Western Slang

“Gonna go hit the head.”


“I need to powder my nose, where’s the commode.”

Outhouse – Country/Western Slang

“And that’s… the outhouse.”

The Loo – British Slang

“Where’s the loo?”

The Can

“Gotta hit the can.”

The John – British Slang

“And through this door you’ll find the John.”

The Crapper – Western Slang

“Gotta use the crapper.”

WC – short for water closet

“WC’s there.”