If writing wasn’t an option, what would you be doing?

Well, first, that idea is hell to even consider… but if we are speaking hypothetical here, I would be an artist.

I am a creative person and have found other ways to express my creativity outside of just writing. I crochet, paint, cook, make soap, do nail art, love DIY anything… tried musical instruments and enjoy photography. There are a lot of creative methods I’ve tried but writing has always been the one thing I’ve stuck with. Though, if writing wasn’t an option then the next best thing would be art.

Writing is painting with words. While artists use visual images to provoke feelings or express themes, writers use words and stories to do the same thing. I would need a way to share the stories inside me, and painting would be that way of getting those ideas out. Maybe I would dabble in film, make a Youtube or something. If I didn’t write I would have a lot of free time to explore options like that.