What is an original work?

Original works in general is anything created by anyone that in original in nature. As long as you aren’t copying a piece word-for-word or claiming a piece of art to be your own, but have come up with the original idea/ finished product, then it’s an original work.

To me, original work is a piece of art or writing that follows an original idea and approaches themes in a unique way. This can be anything as simple as writing a story from the villian’s point of view (pov) or approaching traditional themes like the princess being saved by the prince, but switching roles.

So, do you try to please you readers with giving them what they want or do you strive for original works?

Well every story came from an original idea, so in a sense what my readers want is another original idea. It could share characters from previous stories, and be set in the same world as previous stories, but if the story isn’t word-for-word the same as my previous books then it is original.

I never strive to follow the status quote. When vampires were popular I didn’t add one into my story. When urban fantasy grew in popularity I didn’t change my high fantasy to suit the masses. I stuck with what I enjoyed writing, and what I wanted to share with the world.

What I strive for in each of my books is to take issues facing the world and turn it into a story to educate and inspire my readers. That has always been the goal, and if it turns out to be an original concept – awesome! I never expected nor wanted my writing to become a trend. All I wanted was to show that knowledge is a powerful thing, and that anyone can make a difference in the world.

That is the huge theme behind Prophecy Six. No matter your background, no matter who you are, you can change the world for the better. You can make small differences that ripple out into bigger events without even realizing it.

So, no, I don’t strive to give my readers what they want. I strive to teach my readers to find a way to change the world to what they want, and my books are just along for the ride.

How would you suggest writers approach creating original works?

Find a theme or issue you’re passionate about. It’s amazing how many stories started from someone wanting to share a lesson they learned. It all begins with an idea and where you take that idea is up to you. There’s a reason there are so many books in the world, all original in some shape or form.

To start, make a list of problems you’re having in your life. From there consider which ones may make a good idea for a story. It doesn’t have to be the whole story, just one of many themes depending on what you’re writing.

For example: Learning to drive

You have the kid wanting to learn how to drive. the parent faced with the realization their kid is now driving age, and the world with how they look at young drivers. There’s a lot of pieces to explore. Ageism being one. Parent and child relationships being another. Coming of Age being another. Slowly you’re building on the ideas, until eventually you have a story to go with.

Original works don’t have to be all high fantasy or science fiction, it can be short stories, essays, or poems. If you have an idea go with it. You never know what will come from it.

Rant done. Time to go adult and do the dishes. Toodles!