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Nightmares come alive as Liora and the new Six face their greatest fears and fight their way back to reality.

The last of the snow has melted away to the spring rains when Liora’s visions of the white-haired girl returns. Tormented by the death of her people and conflicted with trying to find her place among strangers, she must figure out who she is before she can figure out who she must be.

Being pulled in different directions by her guardians and by her visions, it is up to Liora to find the truth in illusions and discover her role in the Prophecy Six.

This young adult fantasy series is an escape from reality into a well-developed world filled with conflict, adventure, and realistic characters. Follow Liora and the other members of the Six on their journey by visiting the official Prophecy Six Series website or liking the Prophecy Six Facebook Page.