Earthquakes, increased Feral activity, glowing vines, and the encroaching Blight are just a few problems Emily Valner-Wright has to deal with. 

With the unexpected death of her father leaving her with no choice but to take his place protecting the small village of Bessel, Emily not only has to keep the evil at their border at bay but keep secrets from the Capital who wish to exploit her father’s obsession. 
Using wards desired by the Capital, it becomes a challenge to continue her work when a Seeker arrives with the purpose of finding magic, relics, and Charmed to help the Capital in its fight against the Blight. After Emily gets a chance to learn more about the Seeker, she discovers there’s other reasons behind his actions.
Forced to work together, Emily and the Seeker must discover the causes of the strange events going on. In doing so they uncover the secrets Emily is trying so hard to forget – one that will open a door to the past and bring light to a solution that could cure Chesix of the Blight once and for all.