Chesix is under attack from the dark magic leaking from the Tear. Over the centuries many have fought against the creatures eating away at what remains of the old world, but small victories never help chase the bitterness of consistent defeat and loss of territory. That is until one small village right at the edge of the untainted lands appears to be holding up against the dark forces at their border.

Through the dedication of a few tenacious individuals there appears to be a light at the end these horrors. For the first time in 600 years there is hope that there may be an end to the torment from the Tear. It will be up to a young woman, and her unlikely companions to find answers from the past that will result in changing their futures forever.

This paranormal, fantasy slow-burn romance series is created for New Adults (18+) wanting to focus more on character and world development than the typical romance driven story lines. Embark on a new world during a time of discovery and adventure of the western frontier filled with shifters, witches, magic, and cowboys.

Vein’s Ritual