Deanna graduated from Lakehead University with a BA in English and Education. She likes cozy sweaters, chai tea, gaming, volunteering within the art community, sushi, and her Netflix.

When she isn’t vigorously writing, she is crocheting, drawing, or photographing her adventures with her partner (Mr. Canuck). They live in a small city in Ontario, Canada and are proud pet parents to two little troublemakers – Argo and Athens (cats).

Child of the Light is the first of the Prophecy Six Series and her debut novel published in 2015. Children of Sirphan is her most recent release (December 2016) and second book of the series. Currently, Deanna is working on the third installment of the Prophecy Six Series, but has split her attention to focus on a new project hoping to be announced soon. More information pertaining to Deanna’s books can be found here.