Deanna graduated from Lakehead University with a BA in English and Education. She likes cozy sweaters, chai tea, gaming, volunteering within the art community, sushi, and her Netflix.

When she isn’t vigorously writing, she is crocheting, drawing, or photographing her adventures with her partner (Mr. Canuck). They live in a small city in Ontario, Canada and are proud pet parents to two little troublemakers – Argo and Athens (cats).

Deanna’s always loved to write. She wrote her first book at age fourteen, which sparked her desire to pursue a career in writing. Over the years her writing had improved, and has resulted in the publication of two series. Her first series Prophecy Six debuted Winter 2016 and her second series Chronicles of Chesix debuted Summer 2019. She is in the process of reflecting on her old works and seeing if there is a way to improve her original series – more on that information can be found in her blog.

Fantasy, romance, and adventure are the usual style she loves to write. She challenges herself with adding new elements, playing around with time periods, and trying to address current issues in a world very different from our own. Driven to teach empathy, love, and acceptance – Deanna’s writing is one that captures life’s ups and down, sharing them with her readers to reflect and ultimately enjoy.